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Erica Butler CEDRD, RDN, LD
Founder of Aligned Nutrition

"I wasn't sure having a PM was something I actually needed - I have efficient systems and time management skills. I had one week where I was super overwhelmed with everything I was doing and made the decision to hire Mindfulness Cubicle. Now, there's no way I could imagine my business without it. My clients comment on how friendly and timely Ashley is helping them. I know it truly sets the tone for my practice and them feeling supported all around. Ashley is better than I am. Plus, there's no way I could be growing my virtual program business outside of my practice without her help."

-Erica Butler

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Lisa Thomson LMFT,
Owner of Core Psychology

"Working with Mindfulness Cubicle has been a game-changer! Prior to connecting with Mindfulness Cubicle, I was juggling a very full practice of back to back sessions and long days supervising new clinicians. It felt like a scramble to stay on top of client communications, scheduling and creating new systems. Now, I am able to be fully present in sessions and in other roles throughout the day, knowing my clients are being supported with warmth, professionalism and efficiency in scheduling and response times.


Even more important, they were able to jump in as an active part of my practice, already knowing the basic ins and outs of running a practice. This made it a smooth transition without a lot of worry about clients being impacted in the process. Bringing someone on to help run your practice can feel overwhelming and scary. Mindfulness Cubicle inspires confidence and quickly dissolves any of those fears with their consistent support and follow-through. I am incredibly grateful."

-Lisa Thompson

"I wasn't sure where to start when it came to pursuing a role as a virtual assistant. With the help of Ashley at Mindfulness Cubicle, I've been able to gain knowledge and confidence. She tailored our Pick My Brain session to my specific needs so we could successfully curate goals and spruce up my resume. Ashley has a comforting energy about her and you can clearly see how much she cares for her clients. I look forward to collaborating with Ashley throughout the entirety of my virtual assistant journey!"


-Rachel W.


Zoey Holguin IMFT-S, Owner Of Helping Tree Counseling

"Kim is so easy to work with. I hired her, and within the first week, I knew it one of the best decisions that I made for my practice, my business, and most importantly, myself. She is accessible, thorough, and competent! I can't imagine not having her now!"

-Zoey Holguin

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Gwen Borcyk MSW, LCSW

"Working with Kim and her team has made the world of difference in my private practice. It has allowed me to find the work/home life balance that I needed by allowing me to focus on being a therapist while knowing that I don't have to worry about emails, answering and returning calls and billing issues. I am not sure how I ever got things done before I found Kim and her team! I highly recommend her services!"

-Gwen Borcyk

Dr. Vinita Menon & Dr. Melissa Terry, co-owners of Thrive Collective

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"Kim Keller has been a tremendous part of our psychology practice's growth over the last year. She joined the team with a wealth of knowledge about efficient processes and back-end systems. 

She is intuitive and learned our preferences for tasks and communication very quickly.

Kim's kind demeanor and supportive tone with our clients are true assets. We highly recommend Kim and her services without reservation."

-Dr. Vinita Menon & Dr. Melissa Terry

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