Helping You So That You Can Help Your Clients!

Mindfulness Cubicle is a brand catered to mindfulness, being calming, appealing, and approachable. At Mindfulness Cubicle, we are known for being very resilient and united! We are always ready to offer support to each other when a client is struggling with a task. We also offer recommendations on things we see that could be enhanced and made more efficient in your business. Our strong team of Practice Managers collaborate regularly to make sure you and your clients are always happy and satisfied!

We connect with our clients using Zoom meetings, ClickUp, email, text messages, and phone calls. Our clients are treated with respect and we consider their business and their clients like they are our own! Our goal is to support therapists in growing their business, give them more time to spend with friends and family, and relieving some of their stress. We all know how stressful it can be to run a successful online business, so let us take some of the workload off your shoulders! You will finally be able to work on that side-hustle you've been wanting to work on!


Mindfulness Cubicle is much more than just Practice Management services. We are also constantly creating products that have helped online business owners. These products have helped business owners streamline, systematize, and organize their business!  


Now It’s YOUR Time To Shine!