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Here at Mindfulness Cubicle, we are always prepared and enthusiastic to learn. Experience tranquillity in knowing we demonstrate confidence when making company decisions, and are extremely efficient when implementing those decisions. Most of all, each team member is compassionate, friendly, personable, and welcoming. 

At Mindfulness Cubicle we provide practice management services to mental health therapists in private practice, which includes scheduling, returning phone calls and emails, insurance billing, credentialing, and many other tasks. Let us take those time-consuming tasks you either don't have time for or the ones you don't want to do off your plate. We can give you the time back in your schedule so you can focus on the things that you love! 


How Can a Practice Manager Drive Business Growth? 

●Having an extra hand is important for business development 

●Collaboration is a powerful instrument that will take your business to the next level 

●Your business can flourish with strategic partnerships and common interests

●By helping your Practice Manager acquire a thorough understanding of your business, ethics, and policies, you will start to see significant growth in business production 

Wanting to learn more?? We, of course, have our website, but we also are very active on Facebook, Instagram, and our very own blog page! 

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