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Get an all-access look at the products, tools, and business basics we use here at Mindfulness Cubicle, & how they can be helpful to you and your business!


*Disclosure: Please be mindful in knowing many of the links provided are affiliate links, which means that if you decide to click on one of the products listed below and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. Don't worry, there will be no additional charge to you! The commissions we receive go directly to the creation of the additional products we provide to help grow your business. We will only recommend the services we use in our business and others we think would be helpful to you! Thank you for your continued support & stay safe!*

LastPass - Password Manager & Vault App

A great (and secure) way to systematize your passwords can be done by using a software program called LastPass.The best part of LastPass is that you can share your passwords with other people securely! If/When you get a virtual assistant or outsource some things in your practice, you will be able to share specific login information with that person. Once you are no longer working together you can delete them from that login information, and they will no longer have access to it.

ClickUp - CRM & Our Personal Favorite

This is a clear personal favorite of ours. This is what we use to host our ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub! (LEARN ABOUT THE BRAND NEW BUSINESS HUB 2.0 HERE). It’s very functional, clean looking, user-friendly, and can be customized to whatever works best for you and your organization. What is a project management system you ask? Let me tell you! It is a space to keep everything for your business. It's the hub of your business. You can save documents, files, pictures, videos inside of ClickUp and you can also use it to track tasks! 

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Kajabi - All-In-One Marketing Platform for Email List, Landing Pages, & Courses/Memberships

Kajabi is one of the most feature-rich online course platforms out there today. Not only does it offers you everything you need in order to create, market, and sell your online courses, but it also allows you to have everything in one place. Say GOODBYE to having to hack together several plugins to work together! It is by far the closest thing you can get to finding an all-in-one platform to create, maintain, and grow your entire digital products business. Back in 2020, we made the switch from ConvertKit to Kajabi for our mailing list, & it was the best decision we could have made! We also use Kajabi for newly created courses. You can check out one of those courses here. It has felt like a breath of fresh air for us, & we know you will love it as well!

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Dubsado - Business Management Tool

Dubsado is an all-in-one business management tool that allows you to send contracts, invoices, oversee project management, create questionnaires, forms, manage finances, send and receive emails, and SO much more...Dubsado has been called a lot of things because, is the jack of all trades in our opinion. Dubsado can become your go-to system! Whatever you may want to call it, the undeniable flexibility has helped thousands of business owners all across the globe completely transform their businesses. We have no doubt Dubsado can do the same for you and your business!

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