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ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub 2.0


With everything going on in the world lately, it's very easy to say "I Give Up". Even through the worst, we here Mindfulness Cubicle have been committed to providing excellent service to our clients. We have doubled our efforts and continued to build for our community! That is why we are excited to present a newer and enhanced Business Hub! 

🌟 Presenting the ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub 2.0, the hub overflowing with scripts, templates, logs, examples all over the place. It’s prepared for you to plug in your information and start experiencing more productivity, efficiency, and money-making! 

Your business is YOUR brand and with this hub, you can infuse all of your brand into your business! Your business is your investment, so why not do everything in your power to make sure it is a well-oiled money-maker! Who doesn't like more revenue right!? If you want to have more efficient systems and processes in your business, then the ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub 2.0 is for YOU. The Business Hub 2.0 is a more advanced version from the previous. It is jam-packed with tons of new features, tips and tricks that the previous Business Hub lacked. Think of it as being the "Central Hub" that will allow you to have everything all in one place. The Business Hub 2.0 is LOADED with crucial content that will assist you on becoming more systematized! 

For example, the Business Hub 2.0 includes Scripts, Templates, How-Tos(with videos included), Descriptions, Tables, Helpful Tips and Tricks, and much more! It will be a total GAME-CHANGER for you and your business!  

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The new ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub will demonstrate to you how to save everything for your business in one home!


It will give you an organized system with procedures in place. 

It will create consistency within your business.

It will help reduce time-consuming mistakes.

It will increase business productivity.

It will ensure business stability.

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"Let’s get your business organized, TOGETHER!" 

The last three years have given me knowledge in managing the administrative ins and outs of a business and I want to support you to do the same. Here’s why this is so important to me…..I hate to see business owners devoting time on the administrative side of the business when they could be sitting in front of clients, working on their side hustle, or even taking that EMDR training that they’ve been wanting to take.  

What is the cost to you by putting off a systematized focused product that will demonstrate the ability to increase efficiency in your business? For the amount of time and money you put into your business, I know you want to confidently organize your business and not allow another second to pass without it being that way. Let me support you in getting your business organized.

Leave the day-dreaming implausible fantasy of being organized out the door, & experience genuine blissfulness in your business. Let’s get you organized, shall we?



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Elly Brown, MA, LPC

Eleanor Brown Counseling

I purchased Kim’s software, the ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub. The first one and the 2.0. When I first heard about the original business hub I knew that I wanted it. I was feeling very overwhelmed and unable to find things. It was during my internship and while I was taking a course to help prepare me for private practice! I loved the ability I had to organize my bits of information such as NPI, EIN, CAQH #, and state license information. When Kim came out with the 2.0 hub, I must admit to thinking “why would I need this.” I really felt like I was getting a handle on my organization. Well…Kim turned up the dial with 2.0 and added things I would have NEVER thought of! There are so many templates, examples, and links to products I wouldn’t have known existed (i.e. free graphics sites)! I love this hub and I am in the hub daily adding items here and there and finding things (i.e. excel sheets to help track where I am in the credentialing process)! I feel this will free me up to be a better therapist and business owner! Can I just say WOW! Thank you, Kim!

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Dhivya K. MA Psych.


Business hub 2.0 has been a lifesaver to me. It has tremendously assisted with the daunting task of getting organised in private practice. The templates are intuitive, easy to use, and cover all aspects of running a private practice business.

It has reduced a lot of clutter and stress by creating a systemic way of organising all paperwork in one place, thereby freeing up a lot of time. In addition, Kim has added the necessary scripts to make one’s job easier. 

All that is required to start and run a practice is organised in one place in an easy to access manner. Even a newbie in private practice can start using these templates straightaway. Business Hub 2.0 systems, templates, and scripts exceeded my expectation in every aspect of getting organised. I recommend Business Hub 2.0 to anyone looking to organise their private practice business better.

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