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What is an SOP?

No matter what stage you're at in your journey, SOP’s ensure that your services and products are delivered to your clients consistently, every time!

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A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a comprehensive guideline on how to carry out a task so that any team member can complete the task accurately, every time.


What are steps a person take to sign up for your email list?

What are the steps a person would take to book an appointment?

A plan of action for your system for onboarding, ongoing management, and off-boarding your clients.

Anything you already do in your biz, but don’t have a written step by step proces
s for it.

How is it helpful to my business?

  • Gives you an organized system with procedures in place

  • Creates consistency

  • Reduces mistakes

  • Helps you to better lead your team 

  • Allows you to train new team members quickly

  • Increases your productivity

  • Prepares your business for delegating and outsourcing

  • Ensures product quality

  • Ensures business stability

  • Allows you to discover opportunities for improving internal processes

  • Keeps you HIPAA compliant

How we at Mindfulness Cubicle will create your SOP’s?

Not only do we create your SOP in a written, document format, but we also enter your SOP’s into ClickUp (a practice management tool) so that each and every one of your tasks is repeatable. We also include all document links, software links, etc. inside of your SOP so that everything you need to complete that task is all in one place. 

*Click to view the SOP Video* 

Quick FAQs

How do I know what SOP's I need? You want to create an SOP for every task that you do inside of your business more than once. With the 2-Day System Starter, you will get a start on creating your SOP’s in only 2 days so you know which SOP’s you need to create. 

How would the process work? We will do an audit of your SOP’s specifically for your practice.  Included in the audit is our ClickUp Private Practice Hub where you will keep ALL of your business information, including your SOP’s.  We will also create an action plan for you.  So, if you would like to take your audit report and do your SOP’s on your own, you will have a plan.  If you would like us to create your SOP’s for you, then you will record your screen for every task that you do more than once, we will take that video and create your SOP’s! 

How do you know how my tasks are done? If we create your SOP’s for you, we will have you use a screen recording program to record your screen as you are doing each task.  We will then take that video and create your SOP’s. Not all screen recording programs are HIPAA compliant, so if there will be any PHI in the video we will work with you to make sure it’s HIPAA complaint. 

Do I need to update my SOP’s? SOP’s need to be updated quarterly. Updating them will not only help with updating any changes in the process, but also by reviewing your processes you might be able to find ways to do each task more efficiently. 

Where will my SOP's live? We will keep your SOP’s in ClickUp, which is a project management system. By putting your SOP’s into ClickUp, you will not only have a document view of your SOP, but we will also add your SOP as an actual process that you can make recur whenever you need it to recur and will have a step by step guide each time you perform that task. 

*Click for a brief overview of *ClickUp!

What if I don’t know how to use ClickUp? If we create your SOP’s for you, we will provide a personalized video specifically made for your SOP’s and your business to show you how to use ClickUp.  

How do I know what SOP’s I need to create and in what order? This is where the 2-Day System Starter comes into play! With the 2-Day System Starter, you will have a start on your SOPs as well as a plan of action to create your SOP’s in 2 days!

How do I track what SOP’s are done, in process, etc.? Again, this is where the 2-Day System Starter comes into play! With the 2-Day System Starter, you will track all of your SOP’s. Which ones need to be created, where are are on the progress of creating each SOP, which priority each SOP falls into, and when it was completed and when you need to review it. 

What if I have a hard time remembering to do a task? This is exactly why ClickUp is so useful! We will show you how to set up your tasks on a recurring basis. So, whether it’s a task you do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly, it will be created as a task and ClickUp will let you know when it’s due. 

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