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By having suitable systems and processes, we are able to provide effective and efficient services to our clients. Transitions like onboarding a new client or client offboarding will begin to feel effortless. When one of your team members goes on vacation or needs to take a sick day, processes will be in place so that work does not halt for their client. Systems will also be in place for client and team member termination.  

Because you will have systems and processes implemented, your business will run smoothly, and everyone will know their responsibilities! Your team members will embrace them, there will be respectable boundaries between clients and your team, and those "bad clients" will become a thing in the past for you!   


Good Practice Managers will look for ways to improve themselves, but the BEST Practice Managers will also look for ways to improve their client's practice!

Let's Talk About ClickUp!

This is a clear personal favorite of ours. It’s very functional, clean looking, user-friendly, and can be customized to whatever works best for you and your organization.

At Mindfulness Cubicle we use ClickUp as our project management system. What is a project management system you ask? Let me tell you! It is a space to keep everything for your business. It's the hub of your business. You can save documents, files, pictures, videos inside of ClickUp and you can also use it to track tasks! You can create a ClickUp account by using the link provided here

ClickUp Picture.jpg

Ready to take the first steps in systematizing your practice?

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