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Weathering the Winds Together: Simple Practice Policy Shift & the Impact on Therapists

Change is an unavoidable part of growth, and as mental health therapists, we often must adapt to new ways, new rules, and new systems. Recently, Simple Practice, one of the leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) platforms for therapists, announced changes in its policies. We understand that such changes can be a source of anxiety, especially when they touch on the tools you rely upon to manage your practice and provide HIPAA-compliant care to your clients.

Simple Practice's policy changes might seem abrupt or unexpected, and it's natural to feel overwhelmed or uneasy about what this means for your practice. As a therapist, you're not just juggling appointments, notes, and billing; you're providing a pivotal service to individuals in need. A modification in the tools you use can feel like a shift in the very ground you stand on. Deciphering the policy changes feels like navigating a foreign language!

First and foremost, it's crucial to know you're not alone in these feelings. Across the country, therapists like you are assessing their next steps. Some are considering the pros and cons of adjusting to the new policies, while others are considering a switch to a different EHR altogether.

To help in this transition, we've created a free, comprehensive spreadsheet that lists popular EHRs, the features they offer, and their respective pricing. This spreadsheet is designed to provide you with a clearer picture, supporting your decision-making process.

During times of change, help is invaluable. Whether it's through colleagues, professional networks, or online forums, we urge you to connect with others. Share your concerns, listen to theirs, and brainstorm solutions together. Remember, this shift, like all others, will become part of your professional journey. With time and the right resources, you'll navigate it. You’ve got this!

Switching your EHR can be an overwhelming task, but with the right resources, it becomes a manageable one. One of the primary obstacles to making a decision is assessing the comparative features, benefits, and costs of available EHRs. That’s where our meticulously curated spreadsheet enters the picture.

Our free spreadsheet acts as a compass in the vast sea of EHR options. It details the features of popular EHRs, breaking down their features to help you pinpoint which platforms align most closely with the needs of your practice. Whether you prioritize client portal capabilities, insurance billing, or telehealth, this spreadsheet offers a clear view of what each system brings to the table.

Beyond just features, the spreadsheet provides pricing details, ensuring that you can find an option that fits your budget without sacrificing important functions. After all, striking the right balance between cost and capability is essential for the continued growth of your practice. The data we’ve compiled aims to arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

Once you take a look at the spreadsheet, you’ll notice multiple tabs at the bottom. These are crucial. Each tab offers specific insights into the different plans that are available for that EHR.

Now for a bit of a tech twist! Did you know that with a little resourcefulness and the right tools, Google Workspace can be transformed into your very own EHR system? Indeed, the flexibility and adaptability of Google Workspace allow for such customizations.

However, this does come with a couple of caveats. Setting up an EHR within Google Workspace requires some initial groundwork. It's not just about using Google Sheets or Docs but integrating functionalities that cater specifically to the requirements of mental health therapists.

Additionally, while Google Workspace provides a robust foundation, you'll need to incorporate a few 3rd party apps to truly customize it into an efficient EHR. These apps ensure that your system is tailored to your needs, whether it's HIPAA-compliant email, invoicing, or insurance billing.

For those willing to invest the time and effort, this can be a cost-effective and personalized approach to managing client data and appointments. As always, you should weigh the pros and cons and consider your comfort level with technology before diving in.

Our support doesn’t stop at providing this invaluable spreadsheet. Once you’ve zeroed in on the EHR that seems right for you, our experienced team is available to assist in the transition. From initial setup to adapting the platform to the unique nuances of your practice, we’ll be by your side to ensure a seamless transition. Remember, it’s not just about finding a new system; it’s about finding the right system for you. And with our expertise and the insights from the spreadsheet, you’re well-equipped to do just that!

Change is not easy, especially when it affects HIPAA and PHI. But with determination, support, and the right resources, we can figure this out. Remember, you're not in this alone. If you have any questions or need further clarity on specific EHRs, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to make this journey as smooth and straightforward as possible for you.



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