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The ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub 2.0 is now 
available for purchase seamlessly through our site! Click here for more information. 


*Looking for on-going services? Great! Click the schedule now button down below to schedule a consult call with us! Looking to learn how to better systematize your business? Great! Head over to our products page to see how to get started! Infuse ALL of your personality into your systems! Your business is a reflection of YOU. You and your business are unique! That's why we our very own unique way in systematizing our client's businesses to prepare them for their exciting journey in becoming more organized! While you wait to hear back from us, have a look around our website to get to know us a bit more. We look forward to chatting with you!

Please feel free to shoot Kim an email at kkeller@mindfulnesscubicle.com if you have questions or concerns!



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Kim Keller, MA


Practice Manager | Founder & CEO of Mindfulness Cubicle, LLC


Systems= freedom!

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A message from our CEO:

Hello there! My name is Kim Keller & our main focus here at Mindfulness Cubicle is to streamline business processes and leverage technology to implement systems so therapists, coaches, and creatives can reclaim their time, generate revenue, and enhance their client engagement experience.

I started my online career over 4 years ago when I started Mindfulness Cubicle, LLC. For the first couple of years of my Virtual Assistant business, I was learning that several of the therapists that I worked with wanted to either move completely to coaching and consultation or add coaching and consultation to the therapy that they already offer. I started working with some therapists on their coaching and consultation side of their business and realized that this process needs to be systematized and automated! 


Systems SAVED my business, and I have implemented those same systems in my client’s businesses that have helped them systematize, streamline, and automate their private practice.  

Infuse all your personality and presence into your business and its systems. You DESERVE to feel warm and friendly while being professional and efficient at the same time! 
So....... let’s get started!

“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.”
-Brene Brown

Organized Desk

Whether you are just starting or been in private practice for a while, don’t wait to implement systems and processes in your business. As your business grows, you’ll be thankful you decided to have those systems already in place! 


Establishing and using systems in your business will create structure, help you stay organized, takes the workload off your shoulders, and improves efficiency. Over time, this will allow your business to grow. Learn more here!

You wouldn’t hire a therapist you don’t

Potential and current clients can discover more about our company through many avenues. We, of course, have our website, but we also are very active on Facebook and Instagram, posting both blogs and vlogs. Our unsurpassed and most cherished referral is word of mouth from those that have confidence in Mindfulness Cubicle and have been pleased with our services. We also have a blog specifically for Mindfulness Cubicle and information for therapists in private practice.  


Connect with professionals from all around the world! Within this group, we have a wide range of remarkable therapists/business owners who are in different places on their journey to growing and scaling their businesses. We have some who are in the early stages of starting their private practice, those who already have an established private practice, and everything in-between.

How We Can Help You

Mindfulness Cubicle is an agency that offers systematization of client's businesses (specific to mental health therapists). Learn how to streamline your business processes and leverage technology to implement systems so you can reclaim your time, generate more revenue, and enhance your client engagement experience.


Cubicle Talk

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Zoey Holguin IMFT-S, Owner Of Helping Tree Counseling

Kim is so easy to work with. I hired her, and within the first week, I knew it one of the best decisions that I made for my practice, my business, and most importantly, myself. She is accessible, thorough, and competent! I can't imagine not having her now!

-Zoey Holguin

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Gwen Borcyk MSW, LCSW

Working with Kim and her team has made the world of difference in my private practice. It has allowed me to find the work/home life balance that I needed by allowing me to focus on being a therapist while knowing that I don't have to worry about emails, answering and returning calls and billing issues. I am not sure how I ever got things done before I found Kim and her team! I highly recommend her services!

-Gwen Borcyk

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Referral Program

During the COVID crisis, we here at Mindfulness Cubicle are still dedicated to helping you and your practice as much as possible! We are always looking to help new clients and we would love your help. We have an amazing REFERRAL INCENTIVE PROGRAM and would love for you and your colleagues to benefit from it!