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Simply Organized


Hi! I’m so glad to see you here again! Thank you for coming back and learning more about getting your private practice organized! I hope that you are doing well!

Let’s continue working on getting to Inbox Zero. Before our break last week, we took a deeper look at our emails and what was in there. Prior to that, we looked at actually how many emails were in our email box. Let’s start moving some of those emails to folders so it isn’t as overwhelming for you to get to where we need to be without emails.

Some clients that I’ve worked with have over 5 years of emails in their inbox. That’s okay! What we are going to do is separate those emails into folders. We need to create those folders first. Look at your emails and see what year they start. For example, if the oldest email you have is 2018, we are going to create a folder for 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Were you able to create your folders? Great! So, let’s start filing those emails away and get them out of our inbox. At this point you’ll want to go through your emails and put all of the 2018 emails into the 2018 folder, 2019 emails in the 2019 folder and so forth. Since we are in the first quarter of 2021, we can leave those emails in our inbox.

How does that feel? Less stressful? By now you should have a lot less emails in your inbox. Refreshing right??!! That’s all you have to do for this week! You’re done! Like I said at the beginning, we are going to go slowly so we aren’t getting too overwhelmed. Also, because as we all know, we don’t have a lot of time each week so we’re taking what we can get.

I would love to hear how that felt when you moved all of those emails out of your inbox and put them into folders! Maybe I’m just nerdy like that, but I LOVE doing that and getting less out of my face to work with now.

Great job! I have talked about the ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub in previous blogs and would like to mention it again. The ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub is a place where you can keep everything for your business! The original ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub was a place to put all of your things, but now I want to introduce to you the ClickUp Private Practice 2.0! This hub includes scripts, templates, examples, and much more! It will be available on March 22nd! So, keep your eyes out for when that’s available. Make sure you reach out to me with any questions that you have about it!

Have a great day!

Take care, Kim


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