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All-Encompassing Coaching for those eyeing a Virtual Assistant Career

Hi everyone!

In today's world, where flexibility and remote work are more valued than ever, the role of a Virtual Assistant (VA) has grown increasingly popular. Are you a mental health therapist who has encountered a client, friend, colleague, or family member expressing an interest in becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA)? They might have shared their dream with you, mentioning their uncertainty about where to start or how to advance their skills in the VA field. If this situation sounds familiar, our specially designed 'Pick My Brain' sessions could be the answer they've been seeking.

While our Pick My Brain sessions originated with a focus on therapists, they are equally beneficial for VAs. Whether you're a VA beginner wondering where to start, a seasoned VA looking to level up your game, or just someone who needs a fresh perspective on a professional challenge, these sessions have something for everyone. Our sessions are carefully curated coaching experiences tailored to VAs at every stage of their journey.

From understanding the basics of the virtual assistant business to mastering specific tools and tasks, our sessions provide an array of learning opportunities for those in the virtual assistant (VA) field. Here are some possibilities a ‘Pick My Brain’ session could cover:

· Effective use of project management tools for efficient workflows.

· Mastering professional communication techniques to foster long-term client relationships.

· Smart scheduling and time management practices for effective daily VA operations.

· Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure consistency and efficiency.

· Proficiency in Gmail and other technical tools used in VA operations.

· Understanding of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

· HIPAA regulations, which are crucial for VAs in the mental health field.

· Learning to set and maintain professional boundaries with their clients.

· Gaining insights into starting and managing a successful VA business.

· Learning the complexities of proper invoicing and billing procedures which is vital for the smooth operation of any VA business.

· Learning how to accurately track their hours worked.

We believe that every VA has the potential to excel and create a niche for themselves in this dynamic field. If someone you know is struggling with their VA journey or is eager to start, refer them to our 'Pick My Brain' sessions. Let's empower them to realize their dreams and achieve their true potential.

Until next time,

Kim and Ashley



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