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Pick My Brain Sessions for Mental Health Therapists in Private Practice 

Unlock the Secrets to Streamlined Business Operations


Our Pick My Brain Sessions are designed for mental health therapists in private practice. During these one-hour sessions, you can pick our expert brains for the full hour to get advice and guidance on the administrative side of your business. We are here to help you get organized and maximize the potential of your practice.

While our Pick My Brain sessions originated with a focus on therapists, they are equally beneficial for VAs. Whether you're a VA beginner wondering where to start, a seasoned VA looking to level up your game, or just someone who needs a fresh perspective on a professional challenge, these sessions have something for everyone. Our sessions are carefully curated coaching experiences tailored to VAs at every stage of their journey.


From understanding the basics of the virtual assistant business to mastering specific tools and tasks, our sessions provide an array of learning opportunities for those in the virtual assistant (VA) field.

Here are some possibilities a ‘Pick My Brain’ session could cover:


· Effective use of project management tools for efficient workflows.

· Mastering professional communication techniques to foster long-term client relationships.

· Smart scheduling and time management practices for effective daily VA operations.

· Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure consistency and efficiency.

· Proficiency in Gmail and other technical tools used in VA operations.

· Understanding of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

· HIPAA regulations, which are crucial for VAs in the mental health field.

· Learning to set and maintain professional boundaries with their clients.

· Gaining insights into starting and managing a successful VA business.

· Learning the complexities of proper invoicing and billing procedures which is vital for the smooth operation of any VA business.

· Learning how to accurately track their hours worked.


We believe that every VA has the potential to excel and create a niche for themselves in this dynamic field. If someone you know is struggling with their VA journey or is eager to start, refer them to our 'Pick My Brain' sessions.


Why Choose Our Pick My Brain Sessions?


Expertise: Benefit from our vast experience and industry knowledge. We've spent years navigating the ins and outs of running mental health practices, gaining invaluable insights along the way. Now, we're ready to share our expertise with you, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive your practice forward.


Customized Solutions: Every private practice is unique, and we understand that your challenges may differ from others. During our 60-minute consultation sessions, you have the exclusive opportunity to delve into the administrative aspects that trouble you most. Whether it's managing billing and insurance, optimizing scheduling systems, or developing efficient workflows, we're here to provide tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs.


Time Efficiency: As a mental health therapist, time is your most valuable resource. We respect that. Our consultation sessions are meticulously structured to maximize the value you receive in just 60 minutes. We'll cut through the clutter and focus on what matters most to you, offering practical strategies and actionable advice that you can implement immediately. 

When you book a 1:1 Pick My Brain Session with us, you're going to walk away with answers on the problems you are experiencing in the backend of your business.


What you can expect

In-Depth Analysis: Our consultation sessions go beyond surface-level discussions. We'll dive deep into the specific challenges you face, conducting a comprehensive analysis of your business processes. This enables us to identify inefficiencies, streamline operations, and uncover untapped opportunities for growth.


Actionable Strategies: Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, we'll provide you with practical strategies to overcome hurdles and optimize your business operations. From implementing time-saving systems to leveraging technology effectively, we'll equip you with the tools you need to enhance productivity and achieve long-term success.


Ongoing Support: Our commitment to your success extends beyond the consultation session. We're dedicated to being your reliable partner on your business journey. Following the session, you'll receive a recording of your Pick My Brain Session and supplementary resources to help you implement the recommended strategies seamlessly.

Book Your Pick My Brain Session Today!

Take the first step towards a more streamlined and efficient mental health practice. Don't let administrative challenges hold you back from achieving your goals. Unlock the full potential of your business with our Pick My Brain sessions. Together, we'll transform your practice into a well-oiled machine, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional care to your clients.


Don't delay – spaces are limited, and our team is ready to help you thrive. Invest in the success of your practice today!


Note: While we offer guidance and support on the administrative side of your business, please be aware that our services do not encompass clinical or therapeutic advice.

All of this is valued at over $700


Ready to do this?!

 Let’s stop going around in circles!

You don’t need to continually find yourself frustrated with a lack of consistency in your client experience or with a particular software program. 

You've sat down to try and figure out the problem a thousand times. You think, "today will be the day. I'm going to figure this out!" You get yourself a cup of tea, turn on your “getting down to business” music, sit down on your couch (because that’s where you’re working from at 10 pm at night after working all day!), grab a pen, open your trusty notebook, AND.................your mind goes as blank as the sheet of paper you're staring at. AGAIN.

Psssttt! We have a secret! It doesn’t have to be this way!

Can you say yes to having any one of these????


  • A streamlined client experience so you can start to reach your goals, not just dream about them


  • Automating time consuming tasks so that you can spend less time IN your business and more time ON your business


  • No more spinning your wheels trying to figure out a problem with a software program, which is causing you too much time

  • 100% confidence that all of your behind the scenes tasks are taken care of and your clients are happy and have a consistent experience 

It’s time to make a change! I want you to have a biz that allows you to feel the freedom and trust in what you’re creating so you can enjoy the journey!

“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”

-Brene Brown


Who are these Pick My Brain Sessions for?

Our consultation sessions are specifically designed for mental health therapists who are in private practice. If you're a therapist looking to optimize the administrative side of your business, streamline operations, and overcome challenges related to billing, insurance, scheduling, or other business aspects, these sessions are perfect for you

What happens after the Pick My Brain Session?

If your Pick My Brain Session leaves you wanting more, or you feel like you need some accountability of further assistance putting your new plan into place, we have additional options for you. After the session please be sure to discuss how you would like us to help you put your new strategies into action. 


How long are the sessions? 

Each consultation session is 60 minutes long. Within this dedicated time, we will focus on understanding your specific challenges and providing tailored solutions to meet your needs.

What can I expect from a Pick My Brain Session?

During the session, you can expect an in-depth analysis of your administrative processes, personalized strategies to overcome challenges, and actionable advice to enhance the efficiency of your practice. Our goal is to provide you with practical solutions that you can implement immediately to drive your business forward.

I have no idea where to start, I am overwhelmed. How will you help me?

Hey, we understand you! Running a successful business is no easy task, especially when you are already overwhelmed running the administrative side of things as well as seeing your clients. We will help you get unstuck and get you on track to work on your business rather than in your business. It’s time to sit down and figure out how to get it back under control so you can get back to doing what you love. You deserve to have a biz that allows you to feel the freedom and trust in what you’re creating so you can enjoy the journey! 

Do you offer a payment plan? 

We are very happy to split the payment into two installments at no additional cost, but these must be paid before
the session takes place. If you would like to do this, please be sure to let us know.​ 

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