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Pick My Brain Session

Run the business of your dreams

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Are you having problems with creating templates in Gmail? Confused about how to set up your ClickUp? Maybe you're not sure how to organize your Google Drive. This session is for you! The Pick My Brain Session is designed for therapists who want guidance and direction on the back end of their business. From identifying useful tools, to creating automations, to troubleshooting issues with specific software programs, I am here to help, so come pick my brain for an hour! 

When you book a 1:1 Pick My Brain Session with me, you're going to walk away with answers on the problems you are experiencing in the backend of your business.




  • One 1:1 Pick My Brain Session with me, up to 60 minutes long, where we troubleshoot your business-woes TOGETHER

  • Video recording of call so you can go back and reference it if needed



  • Answers to your questions

  • Feedback on tools and/or systems to create your remarkable client experience

All of this is valued at over $700


How it works: 

Click below to complete a short form so I can get to know more about you, your business, and where you are feeling stuck. 

Ready to do this?!

 Let’s stop going around in circles!

You don’t need to continually find yourself frustrated with a lack of consistency in your client experience or with a particular software program. 

You've sat down to try and figure out the problem a thousand times. You think, "today will be the day. I'm going to figure this out!" You get yourself a cup of tea, turn on your “getting down to business” music, sit down on your couch (because that’s where you’re working from at 10 pm at night after working all day!), grab a pen, open your trusty notebook, AND.................your mind goes as blank as the sheet of paper you're staring at. AGAIN.

Psssttt! I have a secret! It doesn’t have to be this way!

Can you say yes to having any one of these????


  • A streamlined client experience so you can start to reach your goals, not just dream about them


  • Automating time consuming tasks so that you can spend less time IN your business and more time ON your business


  • No more spinning your wheels trying to figure out a problem with a software program, which is causing you too much time

  • 100% confidence that all of your behind the scenes tasks are taken care of and your clients are happy and have a consistent experience 

It’s time to make a change! I want you to have a biz that allows you to feel the freedom and trust in what you’re creating so you can enjoy the journey!

“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”

-Brene Brown



Why should I pick Kim?

Kim is well recognized and well respected within the mental health community for systematizing and streamlining therapist's practices. Having well-maintained systems are CRUCIAL to business success, and Kim is in a league of her own when it comes to streamlining strategies. Kim has her very own unique way in streamlining business processes and leveraging technology to implement systems so therapist can reclaim their time, generate revenue, and enhance their client engagement experience. Transitions like onboarding a new client will go smoothly.

Fixing your software issues will create structure, help you stay organized, take the workload off your shoulders, and improve efficiency. Over-time, this will allow your business to grow and flourish. 

What happens after the Pick My Brain Session?

If your Pick My Brain Session leaves you wanting more, or you feel like you need some accountability of further assistance putting your new plan into place, we have additional options for you. After the session please be sure to discuss how you would like us to help you put your new strategies into action. 

What If I Need More Time?

If you think you need an intensive session to deep dive into your business, shoot me an email at and tell me a bit more about your situation. We'll come up with a plan from there!

I have no idea where to start, I am overwhelmed. How will you help me?

Hey, Kim understands you! If you’re anything like her when she started her private practice, she had no idea what she was doing! Running a successful business is no easy task, especially when you are already overwhelmed running the administrative side of things as well as seeing your clients. Kim will help you get unstuck and get you on track to work on your business rather than in your business. It’s time to sit down and figure out how to get it back under control so you can get back to doing what you love. You deserve to have a biz that allows you to feel the freedom and trust in what you’re creating so you can enjoy the journey! 

Do you offer a payment plan? 

For the Pick My Brain Session, Kim is very happy to split the payment into two installments at no additional cost, but these must be completed before the session takes place. If you would like to do this, please be sure to let Kim know.​

What Will I Receive After The Call?

You will receive a recording of our call together so you can reference it when you need it. 

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