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Hello! Welcome back! I hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy! I understand that all of you are similar to me and are extremely overwhelmed at this time. I am going to demonstrate some vulnerability and let you know that this week’s blog is not going to be about your email. We will continue with that next week.

It seems like I am behind in everything, and this blog is one of them! So, I’m allowing myself to take a break this week from writing the regular blog and instead of writing this short blog for you. I just finished with my taxes and we all know what a lot of energy that sucks out of you!

TAKE A BREAK! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! I know you’re working hard. I see it! I know that your clients see and appreciate it. Make sure that you are creating time to take care of yourself. I am taking my recommendation and am sending this short blog to you. But, have no fear I will be back next week with a blog jam-packed with information and we’ll continue with your email! I hope that the email material has been supportive so far. Don’t forget to reach out if you have any questions!

Likewise, if there is something you’d like me to cover on this blog, let me know!

Have a great week and relish that break! -Kim


Thanks for stopping by!

Hi! I wanted to introduce myself to you! My name is Kim Keller and I am the owner of Mindfulness Cubicle. As a former therapist turned private practice systems enthusiast, my goal for the clients that we work with is to systematize their private practice so they are able to grow and scale their business!

After working with dozens of therapists, I realized there was a commonality and a need with a large percent of them. They had no business systems. They were re-inventing the wheel every time they did tasks.

After creating systems within their business, therapists were able to either complete tasks themselves quicker and more efficiently or they were able to hand off those tasks to a Virtual Assistant without needing to do any training. I want you to see this same kind of success!

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