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Simply Organized


Does your business look like this unorganized pantry?

Every time you go to find something, your EIN, NPI, license, etc., you are searching through your DropBox, desktop on your computer, one of three Google drives, your email, and yet you are still unable to find it.

You say to yourself, “I need to find time to organize all of this stuff, so I know where to find it!” But you never do. You never find the time and you don’t know where to even start.

Or do you find yourself purchasing things for your business that you already had and are wasting money? Because your business wasn’t organized, you didn’t know that you already had access to certain courses, membership, products, etc.

It’s stressful and overwhelming! Every time you go to look for something, something else is always falling on you! What if your business could be organized? You’ll feel less anxious and overwhelmed. Everything will be exactly in its place labeled and ready for you to find it. Right away! You need your NPI…… boom! You know precisely where to find it. You need a copy of your license…..yep! You know where that is and how to download it. You know where everything is.

You have a place to brain dump ideas that come to your mind at 3 am. You have a place to track all of your purchases (courses, books, memberships) so you can use them. I can already see your shoulders relaxing just hearing this. Mine are too!

I’m Kim and I want to teach you how to have an organized and efficient private practice! I want you to feel the stress and overwhelm leave your body and, in its place, you will experience calm and productivity.

Okeydokey, time for a little self-disclosure (Brene Brown would be so proud of my vulnerability!)…… this is MY pantry! I know! It’s messy, unorganized, and I have no idea what is on the back of the shelves! I have certainly been living by my motto “out of sight, out of mind”!

Drumroll……. Look at my pantry now!

Nice huh? It’s organized, I know what I have and what I need to buy more of. Everything is labeled and in bins so I can see everything in the back. I open my pantry more than I need to just so I can look at it. I just sit and stare at this efficient, comforting system that I created, and I smile. When I go to get something, I grab the bin and pull out what I need. Easy Peasy! Sometimes I might even put the bin back and pull it out again a couple of times because it feels so easy and ordered!

For years I’ve been saying I want to organize my pantry and I’m so glad I finally did! Have you been saying the same thing about your business? I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t have time to organize my business”, “I’m not the systematizing type”. I’m here to tell you that together we can do this!

Each week I’ll give tips and tricks on organizing your private practice and little by little you’ll have an organized pantry….. I mean business! I’m also organizing every drawer, cabinet, and closet in my home. I’ll share my progress with you also in case you want to do some organizing in your home with me.

Let’s get organized together! I’m looking forward to spending time with you! Have a great day and I’ll see you next week!

Take care,


“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” - Anonymous


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