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Simply Organized


Hello! Welcome to today’s post! I hope you are doing well and staying healthy. Let’s talk about organizing your workspace. I know that during these crazy Covid times, a lot of us are working at home. Whether you have a brick and mortar or if you are working from your home, you’ll want to develop a plan to get your desk/space organized. It will make you feel better as well as make things run more efficiently.

If you have a mound of papers that you need to go through, let’s find some time to go through them! Do you have file folders to file your papers in? If not, create some folders. Don’t label them yet because we aren’t sure what labels you’ll need. Go through every piece of paper and put them in piles by topic. For example, you might have a stack for taxes, a stack for your business information, a stack for personal information….the list goes on and on! As you are making these stacks, you can place a sticky note on the top of each stack, so you know which stacks you have and which stacks you need to make. After you have separated all of your paperwork, this is when you want to create labels. For each sticky note that you have, create a label for it and place it on a folder. Then, you simply file the paperwork away according to the piles that you have. This is something that you’ll want to keep up on, so you don’t generate a sizable pile again. It is considerably more resourceful to have everything filed away so you know where all of your paperwork is, rather than rifling through an entire stack looking for one document. Maybe make a goal of going through the paperwork that you accumulate once a week. Whatever works best for you and your schedule. Occasionally we need to go through our desk drawers, so let’s wrestle that next! I have a motto that I live by, unfortunately too well. “Out of sight, out of mind”. You can see this in every drawer, cabinet, and closet in my home (not my pantry anymore because I’ve organized that!). With drawers, you want to take everything out and clean it out if you need to. Run to Walmart or the Dollar Tree and get some drawer organizers. Get some in several different shapes and sizes so you can find what fits your drawer. Then, put the organizers in your drawer. Sometimes they don’t fit perfectly and may slide around. If they do, you can get some sticky putty and place it on the bottom of each organizer. That way they don’t move about.

Now that you have your organizers in your drawer, we can start placing items back in. But first, go through everything you have and toss things you don’t need or don’t use. We don’t want to put those back in the drawer. When you have a pile of items you want to place back in your drawer, start organizing! Some additional ideas of ways you can organize your workspace and make it well organized are to put up some shelves to store items on, placing some of your items on a Lazy Susan (a stress-free and inexpensive way to make your own Lazy Susan is to go to your local Dollar Tree, get two cake pans and some marbles. Position the marbles into one of the cake pans and put the other one on top of the marbles. Boom! You just made your own Lazy Susan!), cover a wall with pegboard and hang things from the board, or mount a coat rack above your desk to hang headphones and other tech so it’s at arm’s reach. There are a lot of ideas online for organizing your workspace, so check it out and find what works for you and makes you feel productive and systematized.

That’s it for today! I like taking before and after pictures, so if you organize your workspace send me a before and after picture! I’d love to see your organized workspaces and celebrate with you!

Have a great day! Until next week & stay safe!



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