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Simply Organized


First things first. We need to decide where you’re going to keep all of your stuff! There are several different options that you can pick from.

One option is using something like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. If you use one of these, you will want to set up folders so that you can keep everything organized so you know where everything is. For example, you could set up a folder named “Branding”. Then, inside of that folder, you would want to add additional folders. You might want to name them “Bio”, “Headshot”, etc. That way everything is not tossed into one folder. It is separated by subfolder, so things are easier to file and to find. Here’s a picture of what something like this might look like:

An alternative option is using a project management system. Some examples of project management systems are Asana, Trello, and ClickUp. All of them can be purchased for free. I recommend trying each of them out to see which one “makes sense” to you. They are all different in their ways but achieve the same thing. At Mindfulness Cubicle we use ClickUp. It’s a great project management system. It has pieces from both Asana and Trello to create a great combination of the two.

Once you decide on your project management system, you’ll want to set it up just like you would if you were using Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Lots of folders inside of folders! With a project management system, it will be a slightly different setting it up depending on which one you pick. Nevertheless, the added benefits of using a project management system, compared to Dropbox, Google drive, and OneDrive is incredible! Not only can you maintain your documents, templates, SOP’s, etc. inside of a project management system, but you can also track all of your tasks that you need to do. One more great thing about a project management system is that if you choose to work with a Virtual Assistant, this will be the number one way that you connect and communicate with each other. Then, if you have a heads up on how to use the project management system and how you want to systematize your tasks, working with a Virtual Assistant will work out effortlessly! Make sure you check out all of the options and pick the one that works the best for you. You will want to stick with this process. Take it from me and my experience, you don’t want to keep switching systems where you keep all of your stuff. It creates a huge mess! So, keep with one system and continue using that system.

If you choose to keep your stuff inside of a project management system, I also recommend putting copies of significant documents (SOP’s, templates, licenses, etc.) in your Google Drive or Dropbox (These are most popular, but you may be using a different service, and that's OK!). If something were to happen to your project management system, you will want to make sure that you have BACKUPS. You could also create the SOP’s, etc. in your Google Drive or Dropbox and then add a link to the actual document to the project management system. In ClickUp, you can embed the link directly into the program and work right from ClickUp to update your document, spreadsheet, etc.

One thing to be aware of as you’re adding documents to a project management system is that PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ARE NOT HIPAA COMPLIANT. If you have any documents with PHI, you will want to make sure that you keep all of that documentation inside of your HIPAA compliant Google Drive or Dropbox.

If you don’t want to devote the time to set all of this up, I have the perfect solution for you! We have built a ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub template just for you! This is a template that is already set up inside of ClickUp. All you need to do is add all of your stuff! And…..COMING SOON….ClickUp Private Practice Business Hub 2.0! This version will have actual scripts, templates, SOP’s, and much more! You asked for it and we heard you!

Until next week, take care of yourself & stay safe!



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