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Ty White

Social Media Manager 

As a Social Media Manager in the field of Mental Health, my primary objective is to conceptualize social media strategies geared towards increasing the website’s KPIs and audience. I am highly efficient in different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Having such experience allows me to create engaging content by using media creation platforms such as Adobe Spark, Canva, RelayThat, etc. 


Information Technology has always been a passion of mine and has allowed me to acquire sufficient knowledge in terms of web analytics by having experience using Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and understating how to effectively use SEO. People, brands, and businesses all use social media every day to connect with each other; 74% of consumers follow brands on social media, and 96% of these consumers interact on social media with the brands they follow. A strong social media presence is pivotal in growing any business in today’s society and I strive to help in any way possible along your journey to growing your own social media following! 

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