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Ty White

Support Lead

As the Support Lead, my primary goal is to provide support to your Practice Manager's day-to-day functions. I am also in charge of web design, along with SEO optimization. A strong social brand is absolutely pivotal in reaching your target audience. We took our time to build a community and we endured through some of the hardest times anyone has ever experienced. Knowing when to ask for help is crucial in running a successful business. Here at Mindfulness Cubicle we will always take the time to listen to any concerns you may have and provide top-notch client experience. Numerous colleagues have reached out and complimented us on the process and systems we use and how it has helped their business tremendously. 

We are constantly blown away by the resilience and strength that the community has already shown, and we look forward to connecting with you regardless of where you are in your Private Practice journey!

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