You started your private practice, but are overwhelmed with how to organize your business and get systems in place....

Welcome to Jump Start My Practice Systems!



Right now, you’re feeling unsure, unstructured, and disconnected from your business. You don’t have any systems created in your business and do not know how you are going to scale and grow your business. Envision yourself feeling systematized, self-assured, and prepared to grow and scale your business! You discover that systems and processes are the backbones of your business and that they will support you when you are ready to delegate administrative work to a Practice Manager. 



You know where your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) live, appreciate the role that they have in your business, and you understand how to use them.  You have a strategy in place, are equipped to implement it, and are not using your mental energy and accomplishing things a lot quicker! You are no longer reinventing a process each time you do it. 


With our Jump Start My Practice Systems package, our team will get you started on your systems and processes for your business and that’s only just the beginning. We can even do ALL of your SOP’s for your business!  

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Step 1

You create videos for your SOP's as you are going through the process.

Step 2

We have a kick off meeting via Zoom so that we can make sure everyone is on the same page


Step 3

We create a ClickUp account (project management system where all of your SOP's will live) for you if you don't already have one created. 

Step 4

We create your amazing SOP's.  You review them to make sure they are how you'd like them to be.

Step 5

We have an off-boarding meeting to discuss next steps. 

The Achievable Process: 

What's Included: 


>>> Kick-Off Call where we will meet via Zoom to make sure we are all on the same page and ready to start

>>> We will set up a ClickUp account for you if one is not already created (free)

>>> We will create 3 professional, well documented SOP's for you

>>> We will have an off-boarding meeting you via Zoom to go over the SOP's and explain each of them


Wait.... There's More!!!!

>>> We will also enter the SOP's into your ClickUp account

>>> They will be entered as a document (written out in SOP form)

>>> A template will be created for each SOP inside of ClickUp so that the task is repeatable

>>> We will link any important documents, other SOP's, websites, etc. to the SOP inside of ClickUp so that all of your information is easily accessible and in one place ​

What's NOT Included:

>>> Maintenance of SOP's

>>> Ongoing Practice Management

>>> Implementation of SOP's

>>> Specific/additional training to VA or clinician about SOP's

>>> Organization of ClickUp other than entering the SOP's

Optional Add Ons   

10% Discount for Add Ons

>>> Do you want more SOP's created for your practice?  We've got you! Add additional SOP's to your package 

>>> Video recreated for SOP's (updated from the video you first submitted and attached to the SOP)

 >>> Are you looking for more ongoing Practice Management support for your business? We offer that too! 


The Project Management system that we use: ClickUp

Investment starts at $850.00

Are you ready to schedule a consult to talk more? 

 What your completed SOP's document  will look like!

What your SOP templates will look like inside of ClickUP!

Looking for ongoing Practice Management?